If You Ain’t In It is one of the newest singles released by Grammy Award nominee and third place American Idol Finalist Danny Gokey. It was released just this June 2018.

If You Ain’t In It is a great upbeat song with a bit of a soulful vibe to it that describes how the pursuit of fame and glory is pointless without Christ. Danny Gokey says on his website, “we can have it all, but if God isn’t at the center of who we are and what we do, there’s no point in chasing success, fame, or material things.” This is the central theme of the entire song that reminds us of that one truth. Danny goes on to say, “We can follow our own path & selfish desires, but that pursuit is meaningless without Him.”

The song is very powerful as you can really enjoy, dance and have fun listening to the song but it’s message is undeniable and is full of truth. The start of the song shows that we are often in pursuit of things that would fulfill us but acknowledges it’s not enough.

In the chorus, the lines say “I don’t wanna have it all, write my story any way I want, everything will just fall apart, if You ain’t in it” and is a reflection of what our attitude should be when dealing things that doesn’t have Christ involved.

It’s also great that in the bridge of the song that there’s a confession that we often fall into the trap of the world of pursuing different things not realizing the one we should pursue is Him alone and in fact, He is the one who truly pursues us.

This song is great if you are looking for something upbeat to jam and even dance to that has a great message as well without being preachy and just expresses a truth that all of us should remember when it comes to what we should truly pursue in our lives and that He should be in the center of everything we do.