In a time where hatred disrupts the peace of the world, everyone gets bombarded with problems and cruelty that humanity created and keeps on living with because all of those are happening in our lives. At the end of the day, none of the bad things really matter when there is love among people. It becomes more real than any harsh truth the world has if you believe in God as the greatest source of love. Love is really more powerful than anything and His love is the most powerful of all.

For everyone who is seeking out the truth, “Love Always Wins” is a song that holds the reality along its rhymes and lines. Hip-hop artist Dee-1 bared his own flaws and the imperfections of the society in his mind awakening track to convey what everyone must hear. In collaboration with R&B Songstress Sevyn Streeter, Dee-1’s strong rap balanced out the entire song with her mellow voice and created a sonically cohesive sound everyone can listen to and contemplate on that no matter how hopeless everything seems, never lose hope as His love always wins.