Oxygen is the carrier song from Lincoln Brewster’s latest album of the same title.   Oxygen – without it, we cannot function; without it, we will not survive. Yet, this song reminds us that Jesus is more than oxygen. He is more than what makes us survive. He is life, itself.

Wake up, eyes open wide to
Mercy waiting that’s brand new
Your love’s taking me over again
Your hands, lifting me up so
I find wherever I go
Your love’s taking me over again

You are life, every breath
You’re the heart beating in my chest
I breathe out and breathe You in
I need You more than oxygen

Each step, I find that You are
Speaking Your will to my heart
Your love leading me all of the way
You speak, I am an echo
Your voice, I choose to follow
Your love leading me all the way
All of the way

 I need You more than anything
More than oxygen