The day-to-day work grind can really get the best of us. We spend most of our waking hours preparing for, going to, and thinking about work. In an age where the millennial and Gen-Z generation are also exposed to so much more work choices, and hearing from so many voices on how to live their lives and what “work” must look like, is it any wonder that hearing the word “WORK” alone can create feelings of doubt, stress, and anxiety?

SAVED Ministries saw the need for a response to these highly-pressing issues about work – and sought to address them via the unchanging and sufficient source for answers to life’s most relevant question: the Word of God. Thus we had the event called SAVED Commune: Confessions of a Workaholic.

Helmed to answer the following main questions: Am I on the right track? Is work-life balance really possible? Am I becoming a slave to work? The event was attended by men and women aged 21-35 years old, seeking balance in their work and personal lives, and are currently dealing with stress and workload that leads to burnout, and lack of purpose.

We would like to thank our beloved participants who attended the event and learned with us from our speaker, Ms. Bettinna Carlos!