The song Stand in Your Love was unveiled earlier this year at the Bethel Music’s Heaven Come Home Conference. The song was composed by Josh Baldwin and is a song of hope and inspiration. It calls all believers to reflect on God’s love to overcome the challenges in your life.

The song inspires believers to stand on the foundation that is God’s love as it can break down the chains of fear and shame that bind us. According to Josh Baldwin, “I really felt that the Lord had given us a song that would help put language to the fear and brokenness that a lot of people face in their everyday life.”

The song has a very reflective feel that lets you think and meditate on God’s love that can conquer even fear and shame. The song which has influences of slow country western music lets the listener stand upon the belief that only God can overcome all that they are experiencing in their lives and that they only need to trust and put their faith on Him.

The song even goes on to compare that God’s love to a rock and firm foundation. This lets its listeners meditate on how strong God’s love is that it can weather most things and can stand firm and tall.