The key to happiness is being grateful for what you already have. But how do we stay grateful and therefore happy on a daily basis?  Here are 3 ways to be happy every day:

  1. Thank God continuously

Make it a habit to thank God throughout a day. Whenever you notice anything that you like – thank God for it.

For example, as I am leaving home early in the morning while it is still dark to go to my university, I thank God that He woke me up on time and that I won’t be late to my favorite university. As I get there and I see my university campus and the rising sun reflecting in its windows I thank God that I get to go to this university.

What are you grateful for? Are you grateful for the job you have? Are you grateful for the family you have? Are you grateful for the country in which you live? Thank God for it continuously.

  1. Appreciate what you have

When we first get things we are happy but after some time we get used to them and we don’t enjoy those things anymore. When we get used to a new job or an educational opportunity we stop appreciating it.

Reminding yourself how hard it was to get what you have right now will make you grateful for what you have. Reminding myself how hard I had to work in school to get the grades and then how hard I worked to learn German make me appreciate the fact that now because of all this hard work I get to study at my university.


When you remind yourself about the investment you had to make to get what you have the value of what you have starts to rise.

How hard was it to get where you are right now? What sacrifices did you have to make? How much effort and time did you invest into making it happen?

  1. Focus on what you already have

Shift your focus from all the things you want to get to all the things you already have. The desire is not necessary a bad thing. Just don’t let it be something that robs you of your happiness now.

Focus on all the things you have right now. By being grateful daily you will automatically focus your attention on all the good things you have in your life. But make sure to also decide to refuse those thoughts of discontentment from your mind.

Instead of hoping for a new phone, decide to be grateful for the phone you have right now. Instead of being discontent with the little apartment in which you live, be grateful that you don’t have to live on the street and stay up all night protecting your children from rats.

What thoughts do you need to stop thinking?

This article is originally published at  Used with permission.