There’s a story about Jesus in Matthew 14: 22-33 where Peter, His disciple, sees Him walking out on the water.  In a sudden act of faith, Peter asks Jesus to call him out of the boat onto the water.  Jesus says one word: “Come”. Obediently, Peter is out of the boat and walking on water.  Amidst this miraculous story most people only remember how this story ends — that Peter sees the wind, becomes afraid, and begins to sink.  But what I remember the most about this story is something else entirely: While most of the disciples were in the boat still afraid, Peter walked on water and even in his doubt, Jesus reached out his hand and rescued him from death.

The Lord’s pursuit of my dad’s heart began at a young age in Hong Kong where he was born.  Though his parents weren’t Christians, he was sent to a school sponsored by a church where he had his first exposure to the Bible and to the life and love of Jesus Christ.  As a young man hearing the Gospel for the first time, it was difficult for him to believe the reality of the miracles Jesus performed and even more difficult to accept the truth of His love.  He can recall a time when he explained to his friends how Jesus in this story fooled His disciples into believing that He was walking on water.  It was easier to believe Him as simply a man and a prophet than as the Saviour He claimed to be.

For his last year of high school, my dad was sent to Canada where he found himself in Interschool Christian Fellowship.  This time it was the love that he witnessed and experienced among his peers that caught his interest in Jesus.  Growing up in a Buddhist home, my dad had come to understand that the world didn’t need a Saviour.  The concept of love had been broken down into a list of “do’s and don’ts” culminating in a self-constructed reality of salvation where works and good morals were the pathway to heaven and a good life.  But the reality of his need and the undeniable love that he felt from Christians around him led him to purchase his first Bible and begin a journey of discovering who Jesus really was.

It was a gradual process for my father, but as Jesus revealed Himself little by little, he eventually received Him as Lord of his life.  Afterwards, the dark areas of hopelessness in his life and the impossibilities of his future began to give way to the light of love he encountered so deeply.  He suddenly found himself believing for things that he had never felt possible, because he was trusting Someone greater.  Areas of hurt and brokenness that he had held closely to his heart, believing that there’s no way out and that everything was up to him, were released into the hands of the Father as my own father learned the ultimate act of trust: letting go and walking on water.

Writer’s Bio:
Rebecca Young is an aspiring writer, entrepreneur, dreamer, and all around adventurer. Her past life has been working with women in recovery and her future life is an open book.