As the second eldest of a passel of children, I started my life quote simply. My parents shielded me from as many harmful things as possible, and my life was a happy, carefree picture book. I wasn’t a “goodie-goodie” however; in fact, there were times when I was one naughty little girl, breaking one rule after another, but my parents were quick to forgive their mischievous daughter. We’d go to church, but I didn’t really understand much.

All that changed when I turned three. I woke up one afternoon to find my mom and sister kneeling down by the foot of our bed. Being the ever-curious one, I had a lot of questions, and one day, my mom took me aside and asked me if I wanted to know what my sister did. We sat down, she took out her Bible, and I can’t remember how she began, but on that day, she told me of God’s love and God’s son, Jesus, who died on the cross for my sins. She explained that my sister had asked Jesus to forgive her sins. Did I want Jesus to forgive me of my sins too? Yes, of course. Right then and there, I prayed.

Since I was quite young, life progressed pretty much the same as it did before I was saved. But somehow, we learned to see God in many places, see Him in things that we never used to think twice about. There seemed to be something more beautiful in the chirping of the birds. The flowers and sunsets held God’s signature. The thunder was, to our young minds, like the voice of God.

I didn’t grow in faith until I grew older.

I read God’s Word, went to church, prayed. I memorized verses, kept in mind several stories. I didn’t change or seek a better life…until I reached my teen years where I met people who started to challenge me to really live my life as a Christian. I saw my foolishness, my unwillingness to change; I saw the selfish desires that had hindered me from serving God wholly. I saw that I had never fully surrendered my life to God.

The change was neither an immediate nor easy process. It took long hours, days of thinking and meditating on God’s world. I confessed to God all my wrong ways and asked Him to change my heart and my life. Of course, I don’t know everything yet, and there are days when my stubborn self comes back, but by God’s grace, I have learned so much, and by His grace, I am still learning.

The Bible says that once we are “in Christ”, once we have accepted His grace and love and allow it to work in us and through us, we are new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17). Gone are our old, stubborn, selfish selves. In its place is someone who should strive to live a life worthy of the blood that has been shed for us, a life that is pleasing to the King of kings and Lord of lords.


Writer’s Bio:
Alyssa Chua is an events organizer by day and an artist by night. When she is not away on trips or dreaming up new ones, she is most often found with her nose stuck in a book. She blogs at