Here is a song that challenges all the fears within you and tests how far your faith can go. It asks you to move away from the sidelines of your devotion and head the life God wants you to live. It is His will to feel the life of being a fearless person. It is His will for you to hold on to His guidance without holding back from all the things that are keeping you away from reaching where your faith wants to take you.

Empowering people’s faith through music has taken Matthew West to another height through the song “All In”. No wonder Matthew is tagged as one of the greatest Christian artists out there since his past albums have always been part of Christian music’s all-time favorites. Continuing on his good legacy, “All In” proves that his hook never goes out of style even after crafting six albums in the past already. In this song, he gives off an electro-inspirational sound which was accompanied by acoustic drums and in combination of some heavy percussion which matches the dauntless vibe that the track resonates.

Hear the message that the song is trying to echo. You can be as dauntless as you want to be when it comes to your faith. As the song goes, there is no turning back now, listen all in to this track.