It was my first time to travel to Baguio by myself, and my second time to travel without any “adult supervision.” They say it’s always hard the first time around, and I was perfectly convinced of that fact while waiting for a cab outside our apartment complex. My insides were quaking with fear—traffic was heavy and it was already 7:30AM, the ticket I bought said that the bus would leave at 8:15AM. I prayed over and over again, “Father, send a taxi my way! Please, please, PLEASE!”

Some 15-20 minutes later, I arrived at the bus station, harried and breathless. The first thing I did was to find someone who could point me to the right bus. It was still being prepared, so I made my way to the waiting area and sat at the edge of the seat, keeping anxious eyes darting between the clock, the conductors, and buses coming in and out. My first and foremost thought was, “What if I miss the bus? What if I don’t hear them when they call?” I did not properly rest until I was in my seat and the bus was on its way.

Isn’t it funny how we utter those prayers to God but still keep worrying anyway? I think it is because we pray without really believing that God will answer our prayers, without really putting our faith completely in Him. We are usually afraid of what we don’t know or understand, we are fearful of what is uncertain, and we are often unwilling to trust if we cannot see the outcome. (Why call it trust in the first place, then?)

I prayed that God would see me through the journey, but because I allowed those worrisome thoughts to crowd my mind, I couldn’t really enjoy the journey. And because I let those worrisome thoughts become greater than the promise that God would see me through, it was as if I had no faith in Him at all.

Many passages in the Bible talk about faith like a mustard seed. Luke 17:6 says, “And the Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.”

If you’ve never seen a mustard seed, one grain is about 1-2 millimeters in size. That’s almost invisible, especially when you compare it to a towering mountain. But that’s all it takes, and that’s all God asks of us: just a little bit of faith. Because its really not about how much faith we have, but on whom we have faith in.   And when we put our faith in God, we put our confidence in Him.   When we put our confidence in Him and what He can do, then we become bold to do what we may have never dreamed of doing before. It may be something grand like starting a program for street kids or rescuing victims of human trafficking. It can also be day-to-day achievements like finally sharing to your friend from school or, in my case, learning to travel alone. All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed.

Think about it–if faith that small can move mountains, what more can God do through you when you let your faith grow?


Writer’s Bio:
Alyssa Chua is an events organizer by day and artist by night. When she is not away on trips or dreaming up new ones, she is most often found with her nose stuck in a book. She blogs at