“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.”
2 Timothy 4:2

Every day we carry around with us important things. We carry a wallet with money to spend on items we might need. We carry a cellular phone to keep in touch with important people throughout the day. We carry a watch on our wrists to help us tell what time it is. We carry with us important things that help us as we go about our daily activities.

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we carry something far more important and valuable than these everyday items.

We carry with us the Word of God—God’s truth revealed to God’s people. And God’s Word helps us every single day by reminding us of God’s sacrificial love and by teaching us how to live our lives in a manner that is wise and pleasing to Him.

The Word of God, however, wasn’t meant to be kept to ourselves. It shouldn’t be a little secret between us and God. God’s truth was revealed to us so that we might also reveal it to others. The apostle Paul ended his second letter to Timothy with clear instructions to his young pastor to “preach the word”—to declare boldly God’s truth to people. And Timothy was expected to be ready at any time to declare good news. Paul instructed Timothy to “be ready in season and out of season”. So it really didn’t matter if Timothy felt like it or not. It didn’t matter if Timothy was well-prepared or not. It didn’t matter if Timothy was having a bad day or not. He was clearly expected to be ready at all times to preach God’s Word.

Are we ready to preach God’s truth to people at any time and at any place? We often think of preaching as the task that is done by a pastor on a Sunday morning at church. That is certainly one aspect of preaching. However, there are plenty of other avenues for preaching that isn’t contained within the four walls of a building. Simply sitting at a coffee shop and explaining God’s truth to a friend who is in deep turmoil can also be considered preaching. Praying for a co-worker who’s having a rough time and boldly declaring God’s truth to them can also be considered preaching. We all have a responsibility to declare God’s truth and we must be ready and willing to do so at any time.

Are you ready to declare God’s truth to the various people that you will meet this very day? Keep your eyes open to what people are going through in their lives. Keep your ears attentive to what people are saying. The Word of God can speak into any situation and any circumstance. We simply need to be attentive to the Holy Spirit and be willing to declare God’s Word at a moment’s notice.