“But take away his health,
and he will surely curse you to your face!”
Job 2:5

Health is wealth. And it’s precious, but is it all that matters in life? While health is at its peak, is life at its best? The greatest trial of all is when health is at stake. This was exactly the spot where Satan released all his fierce arrows at Job. Having unleashed his fury on a man who worshiped God though void of wealth, he now attacked Job by taking away his health. As he unleashed his attack on Job, it revealed that, indeed, Satan was incapable of love, mercy and grace.

Job’s body is now covered with boils from head to toe—painful and cankerous boils that no skin ointment could cure. Even when these dried up, the scars still bore the trauma of the attack. Certainly, this sickness was sent straight from hell, straight from Satan’s cruel heart. The anger of the enemy towards Job unveiled his shame that even when devoid of wealth, Job didn’t curse God. Job grieved, Job cried, Job tore his robe, but Job did not curse God! The second attack brought more potent venom than the first. This time, the enemy got very personal, skin-to-skin. The idea of losing health and having no idea if any cure is available is like tasting death itself by installments. This is entirely different from the loss of property or the death of loved ones. Everything one could dream about is now gone! The daily torture, not only because of pain from the sores, but accompanied by shouts of unfairness from the soul that’s pierced without mercy, is beyond any human strength or endurance. It really calls for the Almighty Himself to defend Job from this sinister attack of the enemy. Job didn’t pretend. Job kept his grieving and his focus on God, though at that time, heaven was silent. Job worshiped God minus the atmosphere conducive for worship. There was no music, no words of encouragement, no sign of hope, yet Job remained bowed down before God.

When our health is under attack, something in us gives way—either hatred of God or bitterness towards fellowmen, or utmost surrender to God’s hand. It’s during this time when the enemy gets so personal that God’s man moves even closer to Him—yes, in pain, yet on the way to a deeper experience of what true worship is about. Remember, the cruel adversary assails and the gracious God stands nearby. It was His gracious and unfelt presence that kept Job intact and still worshiping. Unfelt grace is still grace. When our health is taken away, can our worship still shine? When sickness is of the devil and worship melts and bows down to fear, think of Job and think of the gracious God. For the worshiper asks, “Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?”

This excerpt is taken from Moments of Grace written by Arnel C. Tan and published by OMF Literature Inc. To get the full devotional in print or digital format, please visit any OMF Lit and Passages Bookshop or go to www.passages.com.ph.