To anyone who has a child, you would know the challenges that comes with parenting. Providing for their material needs is one thing, but to raise them up with moral values and disciplining them in the way of the Lord is a calling that should never be taken lightly.

But one thing most parents overlook is how their child sees them. Do they see Jesus in their parents’ lives?

Be Like You is a touching pop ballad song by Finding Favour with an incredible message.

“I wrote this song or prayer, if you will, asking God for a little help before my daughter was born,” explains lead singer Blake NeeSmith. “Our children follow in our footsteps and the greatest example for them is that we follow in the footsteps our Heavenly Father. One of the lines in the song says, If they’re gonna be like me, then God I wanna be like You, and that remains my prayer as a father.”

“Be Like You” is a father themed tune that was co-written by lead singer Blake NeeSmith and songwriter Jeff Pardo.