3 Best Contemporary Christian Songs For 2021

What are the best contemporary Christian songs for 2021?

  1. Jireh – Elevation Worship
  2. Battle Belongs – Phil Wickham
  3. Hold On To Me – Lauren Daigle

We’re already halfway through 2021 and you can ask people and many will say it has been a tough few years. Following the onset of the COVID-19, many found themselves caught up in piles of problems involving health, family, anxiety, fear, grief, panic, anger, and more. All over the world, The good news is, the best contemporary Christian songs for 2021 have continued to ignite people’s faith all over the world.

As the leading Christian radio station in the Philippines, SAVED Radio’s mission is to share the Gospel through music. Worship songs have served as a reminder of God’s love despite the hardships we have experienced. So we have listed some of the best contemporary Christian songs this 2021 that you can listen to! Below we feature praise and worship artists like Phil Wickham, Elevation Worship, Lauren Daigle, and more to bring you the very best of Christian music.

Jireh – Elevation Worship

Jireh - Elevation Worship

Jireh is a contemporary Christian song by the American worship group Elevation Worship. The song was released in the latter March of this year and has since garnered critical acclaim for its powerful vocals and life-changing meaning.

In many ways, the song is an ode to God’s love and his unwavering love. The title “Jireh” is one of many of God’s names in the Old Testament. We first encounter this in the story of Abraham, who was commanded by God to sacrifice his only son Isaac on the mountaintop. Abraham showcases his unwavering faith in Jireh, Yahweh, or God, by allowing his son to be offered to Him. We know the ending of this story. It was a test of Abraham’s faith and love for God. In the end, God spared his only son Isaac and displayed his grace to Abraham.

With Jireh, the music encourages us to find contentment in God’s grace and love. There is nothing more powerful in this world than His undying love for humankind. We must extend this grace to him with songs of praise. The repetition of the lyrics “I’m already loved, I’m already chosen, I know who I am, I know what you’ve spoken…” further emphasizes God’s love will overcome all. Whatever trials and obstacles that you may face in life, find refuge in Jireh — find refuge in God’s embrace.

Battle Belongs – Phil Wickham

Battle Belongs - Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham has been making waves in the contemporary Christian music movement with his accessible music. Christian music should not only be sung by a select group of individuals. The aim has always been to empower everyone, no matter the age, sex, race, to uplift their praises to God. Wickham wants to give people a voice to praise God with his lively tunes, motivational lyrics, and unending glory to His name.

Battle Belongs starts off with the lyrics “When all I see is the battle, you see my victory…” Many times in our lives, we fail to see what lies ahead of our challenges — we only see what’s in front of us. For many people, this can get daunting. Being unable to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel can make us worry or feel apprehensive about the future. Hence, we are unable to find the will to overcome them.

Battle Belongs tells us another side of the story. That in every challenge we face, we will never be alone because God’s love surrounds us. It also encourages us to surrender ourselves to God in prayer. Whenever we’re facing doubts in our lives, going down on our knees, raising our arms up high, and exalting his name will give us the courage to face our battles.

Hold On To Me – Lauren Daigle

Hold On To Me - Lauren Daigle

Psalm 33:20 reads: “Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.” Whenever we feel down and out about our fortunes, our tendency is to despair and cower in fear. We try to distract ourselves with things that provide only temporary relief. But what we don’t realize is that there is one being on this Earth that we can not only find eternal happiness with but also rest our hearts and minds in.

Lauren Daigle’s Hold On To Me is the perfect exemplification of letting go and letting God. Remember that God’s love is unconditional — though we may stray from our paths and become wayward children, His embrace will always be open to us. Every time we feel lost or at a crossroads in our journey in the temporal life, God will be our shield. He will hold and defend us in the dark and the shadows. He will be there with us until the end, being a constant reminder of His love even in our forgetfulness.

Listen to this powerful track by Lauren Daigle whenever you’re afraid of what the future may bring you. Listen to it when you’re lost, or you feel unloved by the people around you. Allow yourself to remember that God will never leave your side. He will always remind you to “Hold onto me (Him).”

Key Takeaway

In this article, we rounded up three best contemporary Christian songs for 2021 that are filled with lyrics about faith, hope, love, praising God and what He has done for us. We hope these songs encourage you to strengthen your faith no matter what hardships you face this year.

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