The Best Worship Songs About Forgiveness

What are the best worship songs about forgiveness?

  1. Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong
  2. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
  3. O Come To The Altar – Elevation Worship

By definition, forgiveness is the conscious and deliberate decision to let go of feelings of vengeance or resentment, regardless if the person deserves the forgiveness. Unfortunately, forgiving is one of the many things in life that are easier said than done. If you relate to this statement, listening to the best worship about forgiveness just might be the key to setting your heart and soul free from hurtful suffering.

Forgiving others is difficult, especially if they have deeply hurt your feelings. Self-forgiveness proves to be much harder because of the lingering feeling of wanting to continue to suffer in remorse. With our own will, unconditional forgiveness may be impossible. But as Christians, we need to remind ourselves that we are commanded by God to forgive. Ephesians 4:31-32 states “Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

So what do you do with overwhelming emotions of betrayal, anger, or hurt? You replace them with God’s truth. So, replace bitterness with love for your neighbors, anger with mercy, and resentment with restoration. Then, lean on God for the courage to follow through. Below we have listed the 3 best worship songs about forgiveness to remind you about just how powerful this gift from God is.

Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong

“Worthy Is The Lamb” is a track from the album titled “You Are My World” by Christian praise and worship group Hillsong. With lyrics like “Now all I know, Your forgiveness and embrace. Worthy is the Lamb. Seated on the throne. Crown You now with many crowns. You reign victorious”, the song reminds us to display an attitude of gratitude and praise Jesus because He is the worthy lamb that was crucified for our sins. John 1:29 reminds us that Jesus is the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”.

The ultimate display of undeserved forgiveness was shown when He died on the cross. Jesus was falsely accused, tortured, and crucified. He bore all our sin and shame, and His hands were pierced by nails. As He hung on the cross, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

When we remember just how much Jesus has forgiven us, it should be more than enough to motivate us forgiving others as well. In context, we forgive because God has given us undeserved forgiveness. Keep in mind that letting ill emotions reside deep in your heart is like drinking poison. It will only damage you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin

With lyrics like, “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy reigns”, “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” is another song that reminds us that God sets us free from sin and death.

If there is one great gift you can offer God, it’s a heart that knows the power of forgiveness. Forgiving is proof that the love, mercy, and the grace of Jesus are working in your life. You are freed from your chains and it is now time to respond to God’s call of grace. Not forgiving others will only make you grow bitter and resentful. Escape a lifetime of suffering and heal with God’s Word instead.

O Come To The Altar – Elevation Worship

O Come To The Altar - Elevation Worship

“O Come To The Altar” is a track by Christian worship group Elevation Worship as part of their album “Here In Heaven”. It is one of the most popular praise songs released back in 2017. For good reason, it is a powerful call to respond to God’s incredible grace.

With lyrics like, “Leave behind your regrets and mistakes. Come today there’s no reason to wait. Jesus is calling. Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy”, the song O Come To The Altar is an invitation for all those who are tired, broken, and overwhelmed by sin to leave their past and turn to the altar.

We are forgiven through Jesus’ blood and His arms are wide open. Despite grace being underserved, He offered us a chance to have eternal life. We no longer have to suffer from sin and death because we are reconciled with God.

You are not alone if you have ever felt that some people don’t deserve forgiveness. But keep in mind that living with that bitterness will only stop you from experiencing God’s grace. Have you ever considered that you can live in peace with the power of resurrection today?

Key Takeaway

In this article, we have listed down some of the best worship songs about forgiveness. Remember that forgiveness does not come naturally. It is a choice. We hope that listening to these songs will help you have a forgiving heart so that you can focus on nurturing your relationship with Christ.

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