Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God;
for all things are possible with God.”
Mark 10:27 NASB

Do we dare ask God to answer the impossible? God is Someone whose specialty it is to do what man can’t. The word “IMPOSSIBLE” does not limit Him.

We were about to leave for our church’s youth outing, and I, mother hen of the excited pack, waited patiently for everyone to arrive. I watched them giggle with anticipation as they filled the air with animated stories. These youths were ready to have fun!

I noticed that one of the young men was limping. Brent had an ACL tear on his knee; the result of an injury from a competition in fencing. He was one of his school’s star athletes.  He winced in pain and could barely bend his leg. I talked to Brent and found out that the doctor recommended surgery. My heart went out to him, and so I shot a quick prayer to God– a really simple one: “God, can You heal Brent?” Then I said, “Later on, Brent, we’re going to pray for your knee. What will happen to you will not be a result of my power or of anyone’s power. It will be because of God. He loves you very much.” The young man nodded his head, his heart starting to fill with faith.

Did I know for sure that Brent was going to be healed from his ACL tear? No. But if there was something I knew about God, it was that He could do the impossible and heal Brent.

As Christians, we believe that prayer works. Somehow, though, we forget how powerful prayer is. We talk to God, pleading with Him to answer us, quite forgetting that He truly hears, truly cares, and is truly powerful enough to answer.

That night, when the youth gathered together, I invited everyone to pray. It was going to be a time of bold faith, and we were going to see Brent’s knee get healed. Many of the youth had never seen an actual miracle before their very eyes, and they were wide-eyed and expectant. “Does God still heal?” they wondered.

I asked Brent, “Do you want to be healed?”

Brent answered, “Yes.”

I smiled and prayed. I prayed, in Jesus’ name for Brent’s knee to be healed: for all the muscles, ligaments and tendons to reconnect, and for Brent to be relieved of the pain.  I invited the youth to join me in prayer. It was necessary that that they, too, could believe God and speak life. There was no mutant power in me or in them, but Christ had all the power, and He lived in us! One by one, the youth prayed for Brent’s knee.

We continued to pray and asked for a miracle. After several sets of prayer, Brent exclaimed, “Oh wow!  It’s gone.  It’s gone.  Thank You, Lord!”

The youth clapped their hands in glee, as Brent bent his knees fully, something that could only be done with extreme pain and further injury. We huddled in thanksgiving as Brent prayed. “Lord, You are so good,” he said. “Thank you for healing me. From now on, I want to dedicate all my games to You.”

My heart burst with joy. Not only was there a miracle that took place that day, but many hearts opened as Brent gave all his games to Jesus, and as the youth realized that God could do miracles in this day and age.

The God of the Bible is our God even now. “Impossible” does not limit him. Many times, it is simply our unbelief that does. Can we dare pray bold prayers and expect God to answer? I certainly believe that He loves it when we do.


Writer’s Bio:
Janina Rivera wears a lot of hats—one of her favorites being the youth ministry hat. She loves to giggle like a child, and yes, she believes in the impossible.