I am God’s prodigal daughter.

Jesus came into my life when I was very young. I was born and raised in a loving Christian home, and I attended a Christian school up until I graduated from high school Outside of the academe, my world was small – it revolved around Sunday school and church choir (in fact, I’d spend weekends with the same people I shared a classroom with during the weekdays). Growing up in this steady environment, mine was a very sheltered life.

As I entered high school, I began to feel caged and overprotected. My discontent brewed as I started to feel suffocated by my ‘good-girl’ reputation. Because of this, I rebelled in all the ways I could and, in the process, pushed God aside. I didn’t pay Him as much attention as I used to because I knew that no matter what I did, He’d always be waiting in the wings anyway.

Growing up in an all-Christian environment, I found myself taking God’s love and grace for granted. I got my heart broken many times by many people and by many things. I did not realize that every time I hurt myself, I hurt Him too.

God became real to me only as I was entering my second year of college in a secular university environment. I collapsed at His feet, exhausted and weary from trying so hard to live my life all on my own. I felt that my life had lost direction and meaning. I was convinced that I was living to make myself happy, but I realized that the fun that I was having was only temporary. At the end of the day, I was hollow.

Slowly, I inched back towards my Father’s loving arms. I became involved in campus ministry and found myself surrounded by friends who wholeheartedly chose to serve the Lord. In Him, I found a joy that I’d never felt before. Instead of a cage, His arms began to feel like home.

Because of this assurance that I have, I can properly claim Proverbs 31:25:
“Strength an dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.”

Every now and then, the Lord still needs to remind me that I am nowhere near strong enough to carry my burdens all by myself. I take my strength and joy from His unending grace, knowing that my past no longer has any hold on me. I’ve been set free.


31 Girls is a Christian community for women where they share God’s love by aiming to be a safe place where girls can feel they’re not alone in what they are going through and that there is still joy after all the wrongs.