They said to him, “We have only five loaves here and two fish.”And he said, “Bring them here to me.” Then he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass, and taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven and said a blessing. Then he broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds. And they all ate and were satisfied. And they took up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over. And those who ate were about five thousand men, besides women and children
Matthew 14: 17-21

The disciples looked at what they have, five loaves of bread and two fish. For five disciples, these could have been more than enough to eat. But for five thousand?

Looking at a crowd of five thousand men is overwhelming enough. What more if you would have to feed them? If we were one of the richest men in the world or at least have influential connections, this may not really overwhelm us. We could just charge all the costs to our credit cards or tap our business partners to shell out some of their millions so they could also advertise their brand. From time to time, we will be placed in situations where the challenge is far bigger than the solution we have. Even billionaires face challenges in their lives, bigger than their bank accounts can afford. At some point, we would realize that what he has is just not enough for what we are facing. The disciples felt the same. But what made all the difference was who was with them. Jesus.

Jesus asked the disciples to give Him what they have and he brought it to The Father in heaven. What happened next proves that, in earth, everything is limited, but in heaven, all good things have no end. Jesus taught the disciples to tap into an unlimited Source. He approached His father in heaven who is unlimited. The disciples were able to feed five thousand men because they depended on an unlimited God.

If left for what the disciples can offer, this would be impossible. But what happened here proved that with God, all things are possible. (Luke 18:27)

When we are faced with overwhelming situations in our lives, God tells us to look to Him and give Him everything that we have and He will bless it. It’s not what you can offer, but what He can do with your situation. Just bring it to Him. God’s miracles happen when we depend on Him and trust Him that he will do amazing things through us.