Although new to the scene, For All Seasons never failed to cater to its listeners, as well as its future listeners, meaningful music. And when we talk about to how meaningful their songs were, For All Season’s debut project Clarity justifies a great value for us not to try to even to listen to them. This comes with a song in the same title with the EP. The song “Clarity” is produced with electric beats, making it sound like modern pop. And what makes this song stand out from other songs is its strong foundation on God’s word infused with the strong vocals of their vocal lead Emily Hamilton.

In this world, there are so many things that could make us result in confusion, complete and organized confusion. We do not know what to do, because we think there’s no work needed anymore. We do not know what to feel, because we are sure we already forgot how to dig up some emotions since we were somehow trained not to sense any. We don’t know what to plan, because we care not about the next scenes since we already mastered the art of knowing that when good things start to happen, that’s when you are to get knocked down. But all of these uncertainties we forcibly sink into our minds, are all deterred from existence by For All Season’s song “Clarity.”

But how does a song simply break all those doubts we have inside our heads?

Basic—the song speaks out truth. The song speaks out that real love everybody’s been looking for everywhere, just everywhere. This is a mnemonic code reminding us that it’s already handled. God had taken over your fears, anxieties, and doubts. With that, the song wants to mean that God is the source of our trust, control and clarity in our life.