The brokenness caused by our sins is something that is not easy to forgive, much more forget.   Stains that are hard to wash away will somehow always linger in our hearts.   It’s only by God’s mercy that we are washed clean, and because of the blood of Jesus Christ our brokenness and filth is now covered by His righteousness.

That’s the message of Natalie Grant’s single “Clean,” the sobering and stirring worship track from her album “Be One.” Natalie narrated the story behind this song:

It came after I had met with a friend that afternoon, and she had been carrying a secret from her past for many years. Sitting with her and just watching her try to articulate an abuse that happened in her childhood, and saying and thinking that what had happened was too dirty to even talk about, we prayed and cried and read Scripture together. 

After she left, I just sat and thought how many people, and not just those who have never experienced Christ, but even how many Jesus followers have been going years and years of their life feeling only 95% whole and having something from their past– a shame, a mistake, a hurt, where something has been done to them or they have done something. I couldn’t help but think that they are walking around and smiling and worshiping and going to church, but inside have this wound that has never been fully healed. This idea that “I’m too dirty,” I couldn’t shake that, and I literally started singing “there’s nothing too dirty, that You can’t make worthy.” 

In my fight against human trafficking, which I’ve been fighting for over a decade, I was thinking back to this church experience I had with a pastor, which was an unfortunate one. He didn’t want me to talk about human trafficking at a concert. The pastor said he knew I liked to talk about that topic but that it was a family night and he didn’t want me to discuss that because it was too dirty to talk about. That has stayed with me forever. It is something that has compelled me to keep telling the truth. If that guy thought that was too dirty to talk about, why do we have this idea that there are things that are taboo to talk about in the church? Things that are off-limits. That is religion. The church is the place where we should talk about everything and feel comfortable. What I’m talking about is a relationship. When you come in contact with Jesus, there’s not religion, that’s a transformation. (excerpted from

May this song be an encouragement to us all, to turn to Jesus, whose righteousness is the only way we can we washed clean and be made worthy.