JIMMY NEEDHAM is a contemporary Christian artist known for chart hits such as “Forgiven & Loved”, “Firefly”, and “Yours To Take”. This Texas-born singer and songwriter crafts soulful, socially conscious, faith-based, eclectic and fresh songs with hints of funky Rhythm & Blues, classic Americana, contemporary Pop, and undertones of Reggae.

With nearly a decade long career and six record releases, Jimmy Needham has built a reputation for himself as a thinker, a challenger and a wordsmith. Fans and critics alike agree that there’s something special about the message woven into his songs. Needham states on his website,

“With every record I release, my goal is to whet people’s appetite for the God of the gospel. I think the answer to all of our deepest questions can be found at the foot of the cross of Jesus so my art is always an attempt to take people by the hand to that place.”

Watch Jimmy’s narration of his salvation testimony: