Here in British Columbia, Canada where I call home, we’re known for our mountain ranges as much as we’re known for our love of ketchup chips, maple syrup, and poutine. In the summertime, the mountains that surround us are an escape for all types of climbers from weekend walkers to those harnessing themselves to mountainside cliffs. I find myself in the in-between.   You will never find me throwing my body up a mountainside, but I am on occasion drawn out by the sun in the sky and the promising views of a mountaintop.

I’ve been thinking a lot about living in the in-between — in the average. I look down at my hands and feet and see that what I have is not enough. My heart wants to take flight and take me to places that my head discerns I will never reach. It’s in this space that as a Christian, I’ve often felt at a loss with the “Great Commission”, always feeling like there must be someone who could do it better. Who am I to preach and reach the lost? What in my hands do I have, and how far will my feet go?   It’s at these thoughts that I have already lost will and drive to seek what I felt was never mine to find.

So it’s in this place that I received my most recent revelation; a thought and a wonder that maybe what I have is enough, that maybe rather than missionaries solely being called to Africa to reach the lost tribes, He’s calling a generation of believers to invade the spaces in between.   Whether I hold in my hand a hammer, a key, or a pen, there’s a space that only I can fill.

In the story of Moses, his calling doesn’t begin after he felt ready. In fact, he turned down his role as mouthpiece in the name of inadequacy.. Moses’ grumbling about being “ill-prepared to be a messenger of the Lord” is something we laugh and disbelieve in, but I think many of us have experienced that very same quiver of fear. It’s a place that has almost become familiar — that place of hiding.

But Scripture makes it clear that God’s call to Moses came out of His ache for His people and not necessarily Moses’ own preparedness.

The people of Israel groaned because of their slavery and cried out for help. Their cry for rescue from slavery came up to God. And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. God saw the people of Israel — and God knew.”
Exodus 2:23-25

Soon after this passage God appears to Moses in the burning bush and commissions him to be the deliverer of His people from slavery. We can pull a simple truth from this story that there is grace for the climb. God doesn’t ask Moses to set out alone on an impossible mission, He asks Moses to use what he has in his hands – his staff – and allow God to work out the rest.

Often we look at the mountain, looming over us, a giant in the landscape of a city and feel the reality of just how small we are. But in those first few steps up an unpaved path, whether it’s Everest or the flight of stairs to your workplace, you take with you what you carry in your hands. Whether it’s a fellow mountaineer or a man in in the cubicle next door, maybe inside them is a groaning only God can hear.

You may still be asking, as I have before, what exactly it is that you have in your hands? Sometimes the best offering you can bring is yourself, the willingness to be, to love, to share who you are.

In that space, I’ve learned to discover that what I have is really not so average after all.   We can never know until we try to see what wonders wait for us not just on those mountaintops, but even the spaces in-between.

Writer’s Bio: Rebecca Young is an aspiring writer, entrepreneur, dreamer, and all around adventurer.  Her past life has been working with women in recovery and her future life is an open book.   http://urloveismazing.tumblr.com