There are times when you feel sure to face the day and its challenges. You might even tell yourself “We are going to make it today, self!”.  But then the rest of the day just finds you more overwhelmed than confident.   And the same thing goes on each day that you eventually find yourself asking: “Can I make it through today, self?”

The concept of having a difficult life not a fresh idea. We face problems with our environment. One becomes challenged at the workplace, at home or even at school.  When huge waves of trials come crashing in front of us, that’s when we  feel our limitations. We suddenly feel powerless, useless. But God has shown us so many times that even the simplest of humans will be used for His purpose.  He has demonstrated once and for all, His love that covers all.

Sanctus Real, a Christian rock band formed in Toledo, Ohio, has released “Confidence”, the second single of their forthcoming album entitled Changed.  “Confidence” is a song that reminds us that because of the work that Jesus has finished on the cross, we can now be confident of the hope and grace He has given us.

The group shares, “We hope this song encourages you no matter what season you’re in.” This is a song that will remind us that God is the encouraging drive when times get blue or daily routine seems to be just chill. This would also be a striking chord to tell ourselves that kind of faith we should’ve have. Our confidence in the love of God, making the most damaged of all things become fixed, turning to be more beautiful that it was before.