God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant that I have established between me and all flesh that is on the earth.”
Genesis 9:17

The rainbow and the colors in it is originally a sign of God’s relenting mercy upon Noah and his family after the flood.

It wasn’t a cute story with all the animals entering into Noah’s ark for preservation but actually a story of God’s wrath upon a wicked and depraved humanity.

It grieves God that His own creation, created in His own image and likeness, chose to go against His heart, His words, and His ways.

There was an outpouring of immediate judgment upon all EXCEPT, for some reason only known to God, he chose to spare Noah and his family from the wrath. The Lord showed Noah an ark by which they may be saved through the impending flood. This is an act of GRACE–unmerited favor–by God unto Noah. They were indeed saved for a new and better world.

The rainbow was a sign of God’s relenting wrath and enduring grace that there will come a day that there will be A BETTER ARK by which we might be SAVED. This was the covenant (a God-mandated promise) that He would never again flood the earth.

Nowadays, the colors are used to represent an entirely opposite principle, not of God’s ways, but that of the world’s. It stands for pride, not in humble surrender to God but defiance against Him.

I choose to love all people on both sides of the issue because that is what I am commanded (ie Love God, Love your neighbor). I am thankful that we live in times of GRACE (unmerited favor that cannot be achieved by one’s goodness or striving for moral excellence).

But as a herald of the GOOD NEWS, I am avowed to not only LOVE but also speak TRUTH.

We cannot presume on God’s grace. Though He is abounding in love and slow to anger, He is also completely just and holy. There will come a day that men will be made accountable for all their choices in the final judgment, when they see their creator face to face.

On that day, may we stand in front of Jesus and be able to say, “I have trusted in you alone and kept your word above all.”

On that day, may we be able to say that we extended love, grace, and mercy, but not at the expense of God’s truth.

On that day, may we be able to say that we love God more than we love ourselves or our fellows.

On that day, may we not stand on men’s mandates but stand firm in the NEW COVENANT of God which He swore upon Himself that whoever FOLLOWS Jesus, DENIES himself, and takes up his CROSS, would be redeemed and saved.

This is the TRUE love that wins.

Writer’s Bio:
Mike Yap is first and foremost a slave of the Lord Jesus—redeemed as a wretched sinner by grace—and called as a wordsmith, speaker, visionary, and creativist for His Church.
You may follow more of his Blog at http://thetub-thumper.blogspot.com