The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

In these few simple words rest the great tension between God’s sovereignty (being in control of everything) and Man’s responsibility (afforded choices).

God blessed human beings with the ability to choose and make plans; this is a great blessing but also a tremendous responsibility. With choice, we are able to choose between good or evil, the capacity for wisdom or for folly, and ultimately the seeming “control” of our lives.

The aspect of life that we often forget is that God is sovereign in everything and anything. He controls, undergirds, and holds together all that has ever been or ever will be. He is the master storywriter, the great cosmic director, and the infinite artist of all things.

Living in the midst of such a great God who controls and sustains everything, we realize that with each choice that we make, God is actually the one who establishes our steps—or makes a way, a path, a road.

Truthfully, if we choose evil and wickedness, we will come to the road of its consequences, pitfalls, with never-ending pain and brokenness. If we choose goodness and righteousness, He will make a way for us to reap what we have sown and to live in the benefits of choosing so.

In the end, whatever a man may choose is actually undergirded and within the confines of God’s sovereign plan. He holds our very choices in His hands and we hold these very choices within our hands. This is the tension that we live in—the journey of walking with God or away from Him.

Whatever crossroads we face in life, we have to make a choice—not only any choice—but one that is guided by God’s sovereign hand.

Harold Sala has this to say: “one of the fascinating things about being in heaven someday is that we will be able to look back and see some rhyme and reason to circumstances which we thought had made absolutely no sense at the time.

There are times in life when you come to the crossroads, and which path you take dramatically affects the rest of your life… God stands at the crossroads, sovereignly directing traffic when we think we are alone and abandoned.

What happens to you as God’s child is not a matter of indifference to your Heavenly Father. When you get to the crossroads and you are uncertain which path to take, ask Him to guide you. I can assure you that whether God sends an angel as He did for Balaam, or quietly moves your heart to go one way or the other, when you move the direction you think God would have you, He will direct your path.”

Today, have you made any plans in your heart that are yet to be submitted unto God? Realize that all your plans are only plans but it is God who provides for us the steps that we can take. Let God direct your life and He will make your paths straight.