Prayer has never been foreign to David (Dags) Miguel. Growing up in a Christian family, prayer was always part of his daily childhood activities – before meals, before sleeping, hearing about it on a Sunday morning. Though sincere, that’s all there was to it for him. Little did he know that he would eventually be in the frontlines of ministry.

In 2010, Dags reached a fork on the road. God gradually began to form in him a pastor’s heart. It was a struggle for him to decide if he was willing to give up working and succeeding in the corporate world.

“I had a very stable career because the plan then was to save up to prepare for marriage… But my desire to honor my calling [to be a pastor], though timing was not clear, never disappeared,” he recalls.

Later that year, he started to realize that even if he was financially successful, he would never find anything more fulfilling than volunteering in the ministry – not getting anything but the joy in pleasing God.

As he moved on to finish his studies in Bible school, Dags’ view on prayer was clarified and shaped by Scripture. God constantly spoke to Dags through prayer, assuring him of His plan for him. “The Lord told me, ‘it’s not about your qualifications or your ministry experience, it’s about Me, My mission, and how you will contribute to My mission for you. It’s not about your calling, it’s about Me moving in your life so that you would minister to people.’ It’s always a God-centric view of prayer now.”

Today, Dags is serving as the Youth Pastor in his local church in Ortigas Center.


Writer Bio: Justine Paraso is a (God-willing) graduating high school student. She fancies writing poems, making people laugh, and leading His people to worship all for Christ’s glory.