The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and The Rescuers Down Under. These may be just some of Disney’s award-winning animation movies but they have also become favorite, timeless classics that are part of one’s collection of animated films.

Meet the man behind key characters of these films:: DAVY LIU. He was the first Asian to join Walt Disney Feature Animation, where is renowned for such work. In addition, he was also involved in film projects such as: Pocahontas, Back To The Future, Jaws and Ghostbusters.

He worked for George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic, a motion picture visual effects company and participated in the production of Star Wars Episode I and Frankenstein. He later worked for Warner Bros. Feature Animation as an Art Director. His illustrations have graced the pages of prominent publications such as Business Week, Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal, of which he was nominated as the most distinctive illustrator in 2000.

More than just a motivational speaker who has spoken at TED Talks, Davy has also been actively sharing how his Christian faith has inspired him to realize his story across North America and Asia.

“You can do it,” are words his father and art teacher would speak to encourage him, instilling confidence and passion to pursue his dreams. This eventually led him to set up Kendu Films in 2004. His mission is to bring a positive message and mindset to inspire his audience, great content to enlighten children with a “CAN DO” spirit and compelling positive parenting through great story telling.

Under this company, he has published picture books, namely “The Giant Leaf,” “Fire Fish,” “Jordan’s Guest,” “The Royal Feast” and “Enchanted Tree” – all of which have received many tremendous reviews.