The world is crazy. We jump out of joy and cry in sorrow; we hold on to hope and kneel in despair. I know life has seasons. It’s been said that there is waiting in winter, hope in spring, joy in summer, and letting go in fall. Have you given a thought about what season you are in right now? Don’t you think that maybe you are stuck and moving on seems to happen slow?

It’s not likely that God has forgotten about you or the promises He gave. He is by no means busy with so many other things and has allowed you to experience a whirlwind turn of events without His knowledge. I assure you, that is not who our God is – He does not make mistakes but is intentional in allowing people and circumstances to test your love, patience and understanding. In fact, that is one amazing truth about Him, and I would like to emphasize it: God is intentional.

Is He intentional in making you wait? Does He intend to not answer your prayer? What I know is that it’s God’s hope for you to seek Him wholeheartedly as He is determined to give you the career that best fits you, the relationship you deserve, and the ministry you are called to lead and serve. It is His hope that you trust in His promises as He works behind the scenes, in the lives of your family, and on the things beyond your control. Did He make a mistake when He called you to do things greater than your human brain can fathom?  No. He was very intentional when He called your name among a thousand others.

You might not be aware of it but God has prepared you from a time you didn’t realize .  He has prepared you for the time, persons and circumstances that you are facing. He doesn’t make mistakes.

God was being intentional when He breathed stars into the universe. He was intentional when the King was born in a manger. And it is no doubt that He was determined to show His great love for us when the Saviour was nailed on the cross.

Seek and pray to know His purpose for each season in your journey.  Life has seasons that go beyond winter, spring, summer and fall. You might not see or understand it right away, but rest in God’s love and sovereignty.  You are the apple of His eye and e doesn’t miss a second looking after you.

Breathe, beloved. That too shall pass.

Writer’s Bio: Ish Cocjin is a writer and a teacher by passion and by heart. Her life has always been about a princess’ faith and a King’s faithfulness.