A sense of excitement comes with the month of June in my country. Schools welcome students, department stores flush out summer merchandise with their end-of-season sales, and wedding season begins! My news feed had been bombarded with wedding-related articles care of the likes of Vogue Magazine and Harpers Bazaar. How timely to have gotten engaged during a season filled with so much inspiration!

My fiancé and I have only been engaged for a few weeks. I know this is a new season. The first few days have been a mixture of joy and the occasional burst of tears. It’s such a wonderful feeling sharing the news with loved ones and close friends. At the same time, I have experienced bouts of fear and doubt when presented with matters related to family, future living arrangements, and expenses for the wedding. It troubled me knowing that I will have to balance planning for the future, and making arrangements for the wedding along with my current responsibilities at work and home – just the thought of these uncertainties floods me with emotions (mostly worry, I admit).

I recently learned that the Bible holds about 365 verses that address Christians’ anxiety and doubts – enough to cover an entire year of worrying. As Christians, we are commanded to have faith in God and not worry about our future (Matthew 6:25-34). Worrying doesn’t only wreak havoc on our health and wellbeing, but it also doesn’t paint a pretty picture about our faith in God. God only has His best in mind for His children (Romans 8:28) – why shouldn’t we trust Him?

If I allowed myself to be continuously sucked into a whirlwind of doubt and chaos, and focused on matters that are not entirely within my control, I would have given up a long time ago. Nothing would ever get done! Thankfully, a friend of mine (who went through a similar experience during her wedding planning) reminded me to focus on the One who is greater than all: God (Psalm 147:5).

Truth be told, it is only through God’s love and grace that my relationship with my boyfriend-turned-fiancé eventually led to planning for our upcoming wedding. I could go on about all the bumps and potholes we encountered throughout the years we’ve been together, and I cannot imagine having gotten past them in one piece without God’s help. When we decided to place God in the center of our relationship, He began molding us into better people who could carry out His purpose. There were times when it was painful, but I realized later on, that each lesson was necessary (Hebrews 12:10-11).

There are still several matters that concern me. As the weeks progress, I will have to learn to manage these concerns along with my work and daily responsibilities – which may bring about unexpected surprises. No matter what the world or the enemy throws at me, I should not dwell in despair and worry. I find encouragement with the group of people that God has surrounded me with, and comfort knowing that God is working through and within me (Hebrews 13:21). Over the years, He has shown me that trusting Him results only in His very best.


Writer’s Bio:
Carissa Villanueva works in a start-up company that sells quality leather sneakers. God is her boss. Her blog, hellocarissav.wordpress.com, displays photos and stories about her most recent experiences around the world