For those who were not born with a silver spoon, it wouldn’t be a surprise if even for once, it crossed our minds to get that one big shot winning from the lottery.

“Just give me this one time big time reward, Lord, and I promise not to ask for more!” For most, winning the lottery is not necessarily for luxury.  We cannot mistake people who wished they could just escape the lack they’re experiencing and are just desperate for an instant provision.  A family member could be critically sick – getting that amount for medication may be the only hope to spare his or her life.  Perhaps a father needs to send off his children to school and give them a future – to spare them the lack of opportunity in society.  It could be to afford housing to get out from the pressure of paying rent each month from their low paying job.  Or it could be someone buried so much in debt.  So now one would pray, “Just give me this and I’m free from all of these burdens. Just this time, please.”

Wouldn’t it be so good to imagine that God would just answer all our prayers? They say, He is a good God, so why wouldn’t He just give us what want? It’s not selfish anyway. It’s for my need. He said He knows my needs before I ask Him, so I bet He get this.

I remembered the movie Bruce Almighty which was released early in 2000. The lead role was played by the famous comedian Jim Carrey. Bruce was ungrateful and for the slow rise in his career as a news anchor.  He complained a lot because he felt he deserved more than what he had, blaming God for not doing his job right. “I could have done better if I were in your position”, said Bruce.

Then God, played by Morgan Freeman in the movie, came to with meet Bruce and gave him His powers to see for himself what it takes to be like God.  Since Bruce was given God’s powers, he was able to get everything that he wanted for himself. Part of the deal of becoming “like God”, Bruce started hearing the prayers of all people and carelessly answered “Yes” to them all. The result:  thousands won the lottery but the winning amount was not even enough to buy the cheapest phone.  In this story, granting men their desires ended up in chaos! Bruce only cared enough to answer their concerns. What he failed to do was to things the way God does.

God sees beyond our concerns and our situations and He knows just how to answer them all. If He would have given us all that we wanted, we would have not seen the beauty of little things.

We need to understand that getting all that we want may not really be what we want. God is good and sovereign that He sees all things in the past, present and future. He knows all things. He knows what would be best for us and what may harm us. Thing is, God can turn your life around right now – in an instant.  But God may want you to look at things differently and take a closer look at the smallest beauties of life. You may look at your situation now and what I say may not make sense at all. Still, God wants us to be faithful in the little things He gives. Should you start appreciating small things in this world; the next thing you’d see will be superb. But if you look for greatness in this world, sadly, you will never find it. You will only find mediocre replacements that will not last.

Great things are only found in our great God. We can only see God’s greatness when we remove greatness from ourselves.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”
Luke 16:10

Writer’s Bio:
Krish San Juan is an artist and a soul redeemed by Christ. A leader and a catalyst. Her heart is for the poor and the lost. Passionate in making Jesus known through media, her strength comes from being vulnerable in the Lord.