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Music has a powerful influence on human beings. For some, it boosts mood and energy levels for accomplishing daily tasks. For others, it reduces anxiety and provides comfort. This is why many individuals prefer to listen to popular worship songs in the Philippines. They offer all the best benefits for one’s soul, body, mental health, and faith.

Whether you need to listen to a worship song about what God has done for humanity or what His promises are for you, you can tune in to SAVED Radio anytime, anywhere.

SAVED Radio aims to take back the airwaves for Jesus through contemporary Christian music, Scripture-based content, meaningful programs, and uplifting live interviews.

You can join the mission to propagate the Gospel by streaming and sharing SAVED Radio - via or downloading the SAVED Radio app for FREE on the Google and Apple store.

Popular Worship Songs In The Philippines

Feeling a sense of emptiness in the soul? There are worship songs that will remind you of your significance as God’s most loved creation. Unsure of your purpose? There are also worship songs that will easily remind you of God’s promises through the scriptures.

Here are some of the popular worship songs in the Philippines you shouldn’t miss out listening to:

1. Way Maker by Michael W. Smith

Way Maker

Originally written and sung by Nigerian Christian worship leader Sinach, "Way Maker" is all about worshipping God in all his glory. Released in December 2015, this is a popular worship sing that has been covered by numerous artists like Bethel Music, Leeland, Christafari, Mandisa, Passion, and many more.

Michael W. Smith's version of Way Maker features the ethereal voice of Vanessa Campagna who exalts God's name with the lyrics, "Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness, my God that is who You are". In times of feeling despair and lost, this song calls you to trust Him, that you may find your path once more.

2. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong UNITED

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) is one of the top popular worship songs in the Philippines by Australian worship group Hillsong UNITED. The track was released back in August 2013, as the second and final single from their studio album “Zion”.

Led by Taya Smith and written by Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, and Salomon Ligthelm, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) talks about trusting and having faith in God just as Peter was called to walk on the water. The disciple did so, but temporarily lost faith and started to sink, so he called on Jesus to rescue him. 

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) is a song that reminds you to have faith in God as He will not let you drown as long as you have faith in Him. We all walk in places where our feet may fail and this is where we must call to Jesus. The track reminds us that the main source of strength is to trust God more instead of the troubles that we encounter.

3. Cornerstone by Hillsong Worship

HIllsong Worship

As the third track in the “Cornerstone” album that came out in May 2012, this live praise and worship song by Hillsong Worship is a remake of the hymn “My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less” by Edward Mote in 1837.

Led by David Ware and written by Eric Lilijero, Reuben Morgan, Edward Mote, and Jonas Myrin, the song comes with the new featured chorus, “Christ alone, cornerstone, weak made strong, in the Savior’s love, through the storm, he is Lord, Lord of all”.

Based on Ephesians 2:19-22, Hillsong Worship does an excellent job of conveying the powerful message that Christ is the foundation of all. As you would expect from one of popular worship songs in the Philippines, its lyrics are symbolic of the entire album’s focus, which is Christ as the solid Rock on which His people stand, and the basis of hope during uncertain times.

4. How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

Written by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, and Ed Cash as part of the album “Arriving” in September 2004, How Great Is Our God is a triumphant Christian song that celebrates the greatness of the heavenly Father.

Based on Psalm 104, the lyrics talk about the wondrous qualities of God and references the Holy Trinity as “The Godhead Three in One, Father Spirit Son." As one of the popular worship songs in the Philippines, the song reminds listeners that He is bigger and greater than anything else.   

5. One Thing Remains by Passion and Kristian Stanfill

Kristian Stanfill

Initially released by Bethel Music, One Thing Remains is one of the popular worship songs in the Philippines that rose to prominence after the performance of Passion and Kristian Stanfill.

Many Bible stories tell us about God’s unfailing love. Your life in Him and these stories is the roadmap for experiencing His love. One Thing Remains is a song that sweeps you away into His presence for an outpouring of love. With lyrics like “Higher than the mountains that I face, stronger than the power of the grave, constant through the trial and the change”, it talks about the one thing that will never give up or run out — the love of God.

Why Listen to Saved Radio for Popular Worship Songs in the Philippines?

Launched in 2011, SAVED Radio set out to propagate songs and lyrics that bring glory to God. With millions reached through the airwaves, SAVED Radio maintains its identity in the Christian community with contemporary Christian music, Scripture-based content, meaningful programs, and uplifting live interviews from the people who experienced the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Continue reading on to learn why you should tune in.

1. A mission to propagate the gospel by streaming and sharing songs

SAVED Ministries is a media ministry that aims to encourage and create avenues for societal change by proclaiming the gospel and edifying the body of Christ.

As one of the core initiatives of SAVED Ministries, SAVED Radio aims to spread the gospel, encouraging and uplifting everyone who hears and listens to the message through airwaves as it streams popular worship songs in the Philippines.

Streaming and sharing songs

2. Airing 7 days a week

Never miss out on listening to popular worship songs in the Philippines! SAVED Radio is airing 7 days a week. Simply download the SAVED Radio app on Google Play or Apple App Store to start streaming!

SAVED Radio also have a YouTube Channel with content that’s both fun, inspiring, and helpful to the next generation. With new releases each week, we aim to bridge the new generation to a saving and growing knowledge of Christ.

Airing 7 days a week

3. A wide array of impactful platforms aim to help people grow in Christ

The message is the same and our mission remains. Aside from streaming popular worship songs in the Philippines, we also help people grow in Christ through a wide array of impactful platforms such as events and media initiatives. Aside from SAVED Radio, our core initiatives include:

SAVED Commune

   While SAVED Radio shares Jesus through the airwaves, SAVED Commune carries the message through impactful and meaningful events, gathering small groups of youth and young professionals from different walks of life to talk about relevant topics that concern them, addressed in a biblical perspective with the intention of bringing them back to Christ.


   With SAVED merchandise, we can start conversations and eventually share the uplifting message behind every creative design we produce. Find SAVED Store on Shopee and Lazada, or visit to learn more about our products. to talk about relevant topics that concern them, addressed in a biblical perspective with the intention of bringing them back to Christ.

Grow in Christ

Listen To Popular Worship Songs In The Philippines With Saved Radio!

Ready to listen to the popular worship songs in the Philippines? Tune to SAVED Radio today! No matter what Filipino Christian song you are looking for, we can play it backed with the mission to spread the gospel. Click here to start streaming. See you there!


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