Filipino Christian Songs Featured in SAVED Radio

Feeling uninspired and low on motivation? Stressed out with life and don’t know which path to take? A lot of questions may be burning in your mind right now. Try as you might, you just can’t find the trick to put your mind to ease. But have you ever tried listening to an inspirational Filipino Christian song?

Maybe there’s a few words of wisdom that you can take to heart. Christian OPM has such a way with words, tied together by a beautiful and wholly unforgettable melody. Spending just a few minutes of your time with a Filipino Christian song with SAVED Radio’s rich collection of inspirational and devotional music might just do the trick to rest your mind, heart, body and bring yourself closer to God’s harmonious word.

Filipino Christian Songs Featured in SAVED Radio

With a Filipino Christian song, you’re not just listening to poignantly beautiful music — you’re also tuning in to God’s worth in those short 3 minutes. At SAVED Radio, we play music from OPM Christian bands and singers committed to delivering the Good News.

Safe – Victory Worship

Many times in our life, we may feel vulnerable. In such times of despair, we almost feel like no one is there for us — that we’re alone in this world riddled with fear, pain, and hurt.

With Victory Worship’s Safe, this Filipino Christian song acknowledges that while these sorrows may not go away, we can always find refuge in God, the Father. He is our resting place and we will always find safety in His comfort and presence.

Lilim – Victory Worship

Life can become too overwhelming sometimes. One day, it’s the peaceful waters flowing from the stream. On other days, it could be the hot scorching sun piercing our eyes — you want to look away from it. To find cool shade and shelter yourself from its searing wrath.

Filipino Christian song Lilim encourages us to do exactly just that. When life becomes a slew of unexpected situations, we have to find shade in Christ. Let’s offer our praises and rest our fears in His heart. Only then can we emerge and face our troubles anew.

In Control – CCF Exalt

Christ’s Commission Fellowship Exalt or CCF Exalt is a Christian group of men and women who have found their safe haven in Christ. In the Filipino Christian song In Control, we are invited as sons and daughters of God to put our full trust and control in Him.

There have been many occasions in life where we feel burned by problems and unforeseen situations. But instead of depending solely on our capabilities to overcome them, we have to put God first and trust in Him to weather the storm. Even if “… the mountains fall… and the oceans roar…”, we will be safe in His hands.

Amazing God – CCF Exalt

We often forget to be thankful for life, the world, the nature surrounding us — gratefulness to our Creator is hard to come by these days. Amazing God is a timely reminder for us to continue being thankful for everything He has given us. There is nothing more amazing than our God who has given us light, life, and all good things around us.

Whenever you’re experiencing doubts about your faith, allow Amazing God to renew your faith in Him. Let us exalt His name and sing Him songs of praises — His greatness is unmatched.

Sanctification – Luis Cortez

Sanctification invites us all to humble ourselves and accept God’s goodness in all its glory. In this original Filipino Christian song, artist Luis Cortez wants to allow God to sanctify him with God’s truth. He wants to live a life worthy of the calling that He set before Him.

Itinakda – Luis Cortez

Sung complete in Filipino, this Christian song by Luis Cortez is an ode to God’s undying love for us all. There may have been times when we have abandoned our God, said His name in vain, or even cursed Him. But despite all of this, God’s love for us remains strong. Every day we wake up anew to His magnificence. Forever will God be with us and forever will he let His light shine upon us.

Iyong-Iyo – Upper Room Project

As God’s creation, we often forget this fact. Because of this, we find ourselves living only for us — but what we don’t understand is that our selfishness is hurting not just those around us, but also God.

Iyong-Iyo encourages us to offer our lives up to God. To live according to His plan, shouting His name from above, and worshipping His name. As brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, we are called on to live out our lives according to His life on Earth. Listen to this Filipino Christian song when you feel like you’re straying from His plan for us. Remind yourself of His unwavering goodness and live with His presence.

Take Me Out Of The Dark – Gary Valenciano

At some point in your life, you may have found yourself in the dark. You’re no longer living in the way that God has taught you — with goodness, love, and a steadfast trust in Him. While you may not want to live in this way, doing otherwise may seem impossible to do.

Take Me Out Of The Dark encourages us to find the path once more by trusting in God. This is the perfect Filipino Christian song for those who find themselves in dark times — for those who feel like nothing they do will bring them to the right path.

Allow God to bring you back into the light with this song. It is an affirmation of His continuing love and presence in our lives.

Lead Me Lord – Gary Valenciano

When you find yourself at the crossroads, continue walking the path of Jesus. You’ll find that His thoughts and ways are better than you. Let Him lead you and let Him walk with you through the journey to God’s kingdom.

A popular Filipino Christian song Lead Me Lord is a Christian classic that affirms the nature of Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. This OPM Christian song shows that no hope we can lean upon apart from Jesus.

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