It’s been a while since we heard and featured a song from Ellie Holcomb, singer / songwriter of one of our favorite songs, “Broken Beautiful.”

Early this year, she released her new album “Red Sea Road,” featuring the single “Find You Here.”

According to Holcomb, “I wrote ‘Find You Here’ about the profound peace my family and I experienced in the wake of a cancer diagnosis for my dad. It didn’t make any sense to have peace with so many questions and unknowns on the horizon, but we really did experience God drawing near to our broken hearts in a palpable and beautiful way. Emmanuel. God with us. The song is a celebration of the faithfulness of God, and how He shows up in the most unlikely, most broken places.”

Sung with Holcomb’s soothing voice, this is a song that we can all relate with. Finding God in every aspect of our lives, knowing that He is faithful, is the pillow we can definitely rest our heads on.