by | May 9, 2019

Testimony by Abbey Yumul

As early as 6 years old, I already knew that I was an adopted child, but I never asked anyone about it because I was scared to know about the truth. 

Growing up with my foster family, we had an amazing simple life. We loved and cared for each other. They were all great and never treated me differently. I love them for that! ♥️

I tried to be a normal kid after knowing I was adopted. However, a lot of questions still surfaced as I was growing up, such as – Who are my parents? Who is my real family? Where did I come from? Do I look like my real mom or dad? The questions just keep on coming, and I didn’t know where to find the answers.

In my search, I finally I went to the lying-in clinic where I was born to inquire about my biological mom. That was three years ago, in 2016. The “Kumadrona” refused to reveal anything about her and her family. She just said, “Don’t look for them anymore.” I went home really sad and with a heavy heart. 

Later that year, a friend of mine shared the Gospel with me: That Jesus loves me, He died for my sins and He rose again after 3 days. I repented of my sin and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior that day. From that point onwards, everything changed. My mindset towards my biological family shifted – even if I have not seen my real parents, God chose them to produce a human being like me. ☺️? Since then, I found joy and peace, and my life went on. I became busy with a lot of things and temporarily forgot about searching for my biological parents.

But God didn’t forget. Last year, on September 19, while I was walking, God impressed in my heart that if I want to see my real family, I have to start praying for them. I smiled and I did what God said. 

On December 31, 2018, I sat down and thought about what happened all throughout my 2018. There were so many breakthroughs and blessings in my life and yet I felt that something was missing. This made me feel ungrateful for all that’s happened to me. 

I prayed and talked to God with an honest heart and said sorry for being so ungrateful. After praying, I received a text message. I was surprised to see that it was — from Nanay, the “Kumadrona” from three years ago. ? She greeted me a happy new year and I greeted her back. I jokingly said, “Baka naman po pwede nyo na sabihin yung details and address ng Mama ko.” [Maybe you can finally give me the details and address of my Mama.] ? She replied after a few minutes. I was shocked to see that she gave me the full details of my Mom!!!

I immediately searched for my mom on Facebook and instantly found her. It was such an overwhelming moment – I finally knew who my biological mother is! I was so ecstatic to end the 2018 with such a memorable event. After 28 years, I finally saw my mom. Even though it was just a photo on the internet, seeing what see looked like was enough. ?

God delights to bless his children, and he continued to work on my story. Earlier this year, on March 20, 2019 at 12:30 am, I was reading my bible browsing through the book of Joshua, Chapter 3. Immediately, God spoke to me in Joshua 3:5 which says, “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you.” I got so excited because I know the Lord fulfils his promises. I couldn’t wait to know what will happen the next day.

On March 21, while reading my devotional, God spoke to me again. The key message was “If people won’t reach out, nothing will happen.” Instantly, I thought of my real Mom and reached out to her.

After reaching out, she replied and the Lord delivered His promise — that was the day He did wonders! Finally, after 28 long years, I heard the voice of my Mom for the first time ♥️?. We talked and cried and talked some more, and we felt great about everything. God is truly Faithful.

April 12, 2019 – My mom and I decided to meet for the first time. I didn’t know what to feel, but I just know that I am joyful and happy. No words can express the joy inside of me. That day was the first time I got to kiss and hug my mom and my siblings. It was such an amazing feeling and I was crying inside, but the joy overflowed more than the tears (I don’t know how ?).


 Abbey with her mom and sisters, when they first met in April 2019.


God is truly Amazing— He is our loving Father who gives perfect gifts to His children. He answered my long-time prayer and dream, in His perfect time and in His perfect way. He is the only One who can make any life more colorful, abundant, and joyful.

I am blessed to have not just one, or even two, but FOUR mothers. My cup overflows and I want to acknowledge the women who have poured their lives into mine.

Dear Mommy, Mama, Nanay and Tita.

I thanked the Lord for sending me Moms like you. Thank you for being such great persons. You are all different but I want to tell everyone that you are all beautiful inside and out. May The Lord grant you more more years so I can still be spend them with you.

I love you 3000 and beyond! ♥️ And I want to tell you that I miss you all everyday ♥️