I literally grew up in church. For several years, my family lived inside the compound of the church that my uncle was pastoring. My family decided to move to Baliuag, Bulacan to support my mom’s brother who was pioneering a church there. And so, church became my life.  I was part of every activity that our church had. I was part of the kids’ choir and the youth choir. There were even occasions that the adults’ choir pulled me to sing with them if no one could reach the high notes of the song they were to sing. I joined outreaches and camps regularly and even engaged in a lot of evangelism. You can say that growing up, I could be the poster-boy for what a good Christian kid is meant to be. Later, when I became an adult, I was elected as one of the deacons of our church and also took the office of music director there for five long years.

No one, including myself, could say that I was not a Christian. I believed with all my heart that I was already a child of God because I would say that my activities in church proved that, aside from the fact that I remember saying the “sinner’s prayer” when I was young, asking Jesus to come into my heart. Everyone I know in our church community confirmed that that simple prayer was all I needed to secure for myself eternal life in Heaven.

I was definitely OK outside, but if you’ll look inside, I know that I had desires that are very much the same as the desires of non-Christians. But my thinking was, even if I had desires similar to that of non-Christians, surely my “Christian activities” and the “sinner’s prayer” that I prayed years back forgives whatever dirty secrets I have inside.

But one evening in December of 2005, while having trouble getting sleep, I turned on the TV and came across a show in one of the cable TV channels: The Way of the Master. In that episode, their topic was about “True and False Converts.” The hosts explained how so many people in churches today are living a lie. They call themselves “Christians” while the truth is they are really “false converts”. The reason they gave why these false converts believe that they’re already Christians was the same reasons I have for believing that I’m already a child of God. They then explained that to truly check that you’re a Christian, you must examine yourself based on God’s holy standard which is the Ten Commandments. And so, I did. As I came out of that test so were the dirt inside me were exposed.

I concluded that I totally missed the mark (Romans 3:23). For the first time in my life, I was confronted by the truth that all along, I was living a lie. I hated the wicked me and was depressed by the fact that I deserved Hell. But then, I was reminded of the Gospel, about how Christ came down to earth and died on the cross to pay for my sins. And so, for the first time in my life, I truly came to God with humility and repented of my sins and totally placed my trust on Christ for my salvation. That night, I received forgiveness for my sins and God’s promise of eternal life in Heaven. I was now a Christian!

After that, I realized why I never saw the truth about how God viewed me before that evening where I became a true child of God… what was fed to me was a watered-down Gospel message that made light of sin and made Hell less significant. I decided that I’ll make it my life’s goal to correct how Christians deliver the Gospel. I devoted myself to hours of learning the principle of Gospel presentation that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron used in their show. Once I mastered what I later realized is the biblical way of sharing the Gospel, I practiced it and also trained young Christians to do evangelism in the same way. By September of 2006, Living Waters, the ministry that produced the show The Way of the Master, made me their official representative in Asia.

Today, you’ll see me going to churches, conducting trainings on biblical evangelism and regularly seeking opportunities to share the Gospel to others who haven’t understood yet why they need Christ in their lives. God has really changed me for His glory. I’m not saying that I don’t commit sin anymore. From time to time, in moments that I don’t fully yield to the power of the Holy Spirit, I fall to it. This is a reality for every Christian (1 John 1:8). But my heart has changed. Before, I secretly loved sin that’s why I sought opportunities to engage in it. But today, I desire to go against it and for times that I do fall to sin, I feel so much sorrow for it. That’s the difference between a Christian that sins and a non-Christian that sins. A Christian falls to sin but a non-Christian dives to sin. And for a Christian, repentance is a regular thing because it is his desire to always glorify God in His life.


Writer’s Bio:
Dennis Aglosolos is the Director of Living Waters Asia.   To know more about the ministry, visit  www.LivingWaters-asia.com.