When I was young, I would always get what I want. My parents would give me money to buy food, clothes, or toys. They said I just had to ask. One day, I asked, and it was not given to me. From that day on, I resolved to do things on my own – that I would get money from my parents to get the things I wanted.  I started by getting coins from the container where they always put the small change.

After just a week, I felt unsatisfied with the small amount I was getting. I decided that in the following week, I would start getting paper bills. My first attempt succeeded since I was able to get 50. It went on until I was aiming for 500.

One morning, mom was sleeping in their room and I went in to get money from their wallet. While I was about to exit, the door squeaked. I looked back and thought it was okay since mom was still asleep. But when I was about to exit, mom immediately called me. She said, “Do you know what you’re doing is not right?” She said that I could just ask when I needed something. I told her that even when I ask, it wouldn’t be given. She said it was for my own good when they refuse. After that, my mom explained to me that what I did was wrong. She got a Bible and shared to me about God. She led me to pray – first, to ask forgiveness from God and second, to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I was taught by my parents how to read the Bible and pray. They mentored me in doing my personal devotionals or quiet time. At an early age, my dad would give me short verses every morning to help me throughout the day. He also taught me three things to remember: (1) ‘I am a child of God, (2) a follower of Christ and (3) a man created in His image.’ I learned a lot from the Bible, even though admittedly there were still some things I did not understand. Even then, I knew there was a change in me: I became satisfied with what I had and found myself not asking more. I became hungry and always read the Bible as much as possible, especially when I got home from school. I knew I could not have done this with my own strength (or even interest).

Growing up, we would have our family devotions every night. It started with Psalms, then Proverbs, and then different characters from the Bible. Afterwards, my dad discussed the chapter or the story, and he would ask us to share what our takeaway was from the discussion.

Our dad, later on, highlighted the importance of having a ministry. He told us that we are called to minister to others. God called us all to serve.

I started serving when I was in college with my schoolmates wherein we would feed the children in that area and share to them God’s word and talk to them about their lives. After that, I served at our home.  Every Saturday, we would have a bible study with the children there and play games and feed them. A few years later, I joined The SHED ministry, spearheaded by the local church, wherein we would give people free coffee and talk to them and hopefully share the gospel to them.

Currently, I am serving in two ministries. First is Gamers Interest Group (GIG). In this ministry, young adults and youth gather to play board games. More importantly, someone leads the group into the Word of God and we also talk about life and pray for the concerns of everyone. The other ministry is Kaunlaran: Frontline. This happens every Wednesday, and we meet with the students from a public high school. First we share God’s word, then we divide into groups to be able to talk to them personally and be able to share God’s word to them, help them with their questions and pray for them. We end by sharing a meal together.

It’s amazing how God moved in my life. I knew I was selfish, and me-oriented to the core. But now, life is different. Each day, I become more and more aware of this truth: God is always up to something, and it usually involves other people discovering Him.


Writer’s Bio:
Zark Binag is serving in GCF’s Young Adult Ministry. He invites you to join, talk, play, and let God move in your heart. Check outhttps://www.facebook.com/GCFYoungAdults.