Oh, to watch this video of the Passion Worship Band lead this song live just makes one’s heart leap and look forward to that time when all we will do in heaven is worship Jesus! Indeed, what a GLORIOUS DAY, it will be! And that glorious day begins the day a person is saved and joins God’s family.

An eclectic mix of modern drums and guitars with the distinct sound that is uniquely Irish / Celtic gives power to those words that will just take your breath away as you sing this song and offer it to Jesus.

Kristian Stanfill speaks about this song:   “This song is our story. It’s the people of God’s story. We are a chosen people and we’re called out of darkness into marvelous light. When you start singing about coming back to life, it really brings joy up out of people.”

Listen as Kristian Stanfill and Sean Curran narrate the story behind this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTAvmRZplvc