From the album Hills and Valleys, Tauren Wells brings another soon-to-be hit, God’s Not Done With You. This song has a simple tune to it and very mellow, which makes it a very encouraging one. The lines of the chorus can really touch a person’s heart who is struggling to move forward with his or her own guilt and shame. This is a great reminder for us to keep our eyes focused on God’s plan and will for our lives, not our mistakes and downfalls. Overall, Tauren Wells once again has brought us a promising track, which could also follow the footsteps of his chart-topping record Hills and Valleys.

God’s Not Done With You is a song for the person who feels disqualified by their past guilt and shame to say that God has the ability, He’s actually a master architect, and He specializes in building on what remains in your life. If all you have is ruins, then ruins will be what He uses to recreate the great design that He has for your life.” (taken from