I was lost.  I was empty. I was depressed.

I believed in God but didn’t trust God. I had a mindset that good works, going to church and baptism can save our souls.  It was a worldly belief, but that was what I was made to believe.

My story begins in 2008 when my parents took me to a Christian church near our place.  I was amazed on how the pastor flawlessly preached God’s Word, that I excitedly told everyone about “my new church” – that it was fun because of the praise and worship music, unlike what I was accustomed to.

Three years later, my mother convinced me and my brother to join their youth services every Friday.  They welcomed me with open arms, and I easily made friends.  That made it so much fun that I even invited a cousin to join.   One Friday evening, however, the church was unusually quiet and void of the usual youths hanging out, waiting for youth service to begin.  The pastor told us that service was rescheduled but invited us to join Bible study.

It was then that I learned that good works, going to church and baptism will never earn me salvation.  That night, I learned that Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life.  That night, I learned that salvation is by grace alone.

But it was all head knowledge.  I did not feel Jesus’ presence in my life.  And I hated life because of the pain and trials.  Eventually, I found myself disconnecting from church, followed by an ebb and flow in my involvement in the ministry – all depending on my emotional state.

During my years in University, I was invited to attend another youth service at another church.  Out of curiosity, I accepted the invitation.  Again, I loved the way I was welcomed. Still, I did not know God in a personal way.  I did not even know His word, until one day, a friend asked me if I read the Bible.  Embarrassingly, I said no.  Inspite of my active involvement in church , I did not know Jesus.  And that question stirred something in me.  Eventually, I started reading the Bible, and it was only till then that I learned of how God speaks to us.  He revealed Himself to me more as days passed. He opened my eyes, my heart, my mind and soul to His love.

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.” – 2 Timothy 3:16

My spiritual journey continued. I felt God’s embrace. I felt God’s presence. He never left me during trials. I felt His love shining through me each day. God used my leader to guide me, to answer my questions, to teach me, to disciple me. I definitely learned to communicate with God. I learned the true meaning of worship. I learned and found my purpose in life. I learned how to love everyone, including those who hate me. I learned to put God above all. I learned to hold on to God’s promises and never give up.

On April 19, 2015, I received Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation and surrendered my life to Him, my Lord and Savior.  God became my strength for which I am eternally grateful. Trials and spiritual battles still come my way, but God is faithful and will never forsake us.   For 7 years, a lot of things impeded me from my relationship with God but He fought for me.

Now I am found. Now I am complete.