2017 year-end charts are in…and “Even If” by MercyMe was the #1 most played song of 2017 according to both Billboard (BDS) and Mediabase (All Access/USA Today)!  In addition, MercyMe was the most played artist on Christian radio in 2017 according to Mediabase (All Access/USA Today).  With 19 weeks at #1, three Dove Awards, an American Music Award Nomination, and two GRAMMY nominations…you can say 2017 was a good one for MercyMe.  We can’t thank radio enough for your incredible support!  You ready for what’s next?!?

MercyMe and Fair Trade are proud to present “Grace Got You”

“‘Grace Got You’ is just a song that makes me smile. The whole idea that once you realize that God’s grace has you no matter what comes your way, you can live your life as if you’ve already read the last page of the book and know how the whole thing turns out. Our eternity is set!  On your worst day, Christ is OK with you. He adores you. He’s pleased with you. How is that possible? No clue, but it is. That’s the most amazing news of all! When we originally made the album, we wanted to have someone rap, but we didn’t know who we were going to get. Our paths crossed with a guy who used to be on Gotee Records named John Reuben – who we had done stuff early on with when we were all new together – and we asked him if he’d come out of retirement to rap on the song. It turned out so fun, and totally matched the vibe of the song.” (Bart Millard)

In their 2013 release “Welcome To The New,” MercyMe spoke all about grace, and celebrated the new life that Christ offers us in entering the faith. With this next chapter, they explore what it means to live that faith out daily as followers that are committed for life. In “Lifer,” MercyMe asks the question – what does it mean to be a “lifer” in the kingdom of God. Life is both a noun and a verb.  It is the condition that distinguishes humans from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, functional activity, and continual change. It’s about how to spend ones’ life in a particular way, under particular circumstances, with vitality, vigor, and energy. When we do ‘life’ from a place of faith in God, we become unstoppable and unwavering. We feel connected to something so much bigger than ourselves and it’s that understanding that makes us committed to be “Lifer’s”. Filled with positive, uplifting lyrics, along with energetic beats and soaring melodies, “Lifer” delivers the massive hits that MercyMe is known for.