From the album “Yellow Balloons”, David Dunn’s music stood out again with the stirring acoustic sound and laid back song “Grace Will Lead me Home”. The entire melody resonated the faith-filled emotion it conveys starting from the soft introduction of the track up to the synth-pop progression it made in the chorus. This reminds us that even if our faith seems simply constant at the start it will inevitably grow and become intense as we realize how big God’s love is for each and every one of us. There will never come a time for you to lose hope because God is always forgiving and you should always have faith in His grace.

David is a contemporary Christian musician signed under BEC recordings and was also known for appearing on the second season of NBC’s The Voice wherein he recorded the EPs “For the Life of Me” and “This is Christmas”. In early 2017, he released his third studio album “Yellow Balloons”, his latest masterpiece full of songs inspired by childhood, heaven and the death of his niece. What he aimed for is to tell the truth in a beautiful way and that’s what he fulfilled not only in this song but on the entire album.