Vertical Worship is a group consisting of worship leaders including Ando Rozier, Lauren Smith, Tara Cruz, Jake France, Jude Harris, and Jon Guerra, who play each week in one of the seven campuses ministering to 13,000 people in Chicagoland’s Harvest Bible Chapel. Through serving the local church, the band has been able to observe what is going on in the church through personal experiences. With the announcement of Bright Faith Bold Future, their latest project, Vertical Worship once again gives out music well-rooted in prayer, meditation and the Word. This project includes the songs “Real Thing”, “Over All I Know”, and their recently released single, “Hallelujah Amen.”

As the song purely gives glory to God, it also symbolizes God’s power over death, and basically God’s power over everything. The world may be filled with fear and anxiety, right then and there, people do fear. But we shouldn’t. God has authority above anything else. And Vertical Worship’s latest single is one good reminder of God’s love and power.

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