Halloween: The One Night in the Year the Mission Fields Come to Your Doorstep Halloween is less than half a month away. This day has long been a holiday in western tradition, which we have adapted here in the Philippines. As Christians, it’s quite tempting to just stay at home, turn the lights off and ignore the holiday altogether. In fact, many strong religious advocates will tell you to completely avoid it. However, we have to realize that many villages and even offices are now celebrating this occasion. And many of them are coming to your doorstep. It’s an evangelist’s dream come true! This year, we want to challenge you to redeem the holiday and use this opportunity to be missional and share the good news to your neighbors and friends. You don’t want to close your doors to these people during this season but you also don’t want to be the scary house in your neighborhood. So what can you do?  Here are just some suggestions. In many villages and subdivisions, families are dressing up their house and decorating for the holiday with scary themes like ghosts, zombies and vampires. You can do away with all of that but still do something big to decorate your house. Think of something creative and fun without the need for something scary: maybe superheroes or even a Christmas theme, since it’s that season here already in the country. Be generous with the items you are giving away. Think big, unique and not the ordinary treats. You want to stand out. Aside from chocolates, consider a big bag of snacks to give away or anything that will stand out and remember you by. Preparing food in your home is also a great way to invite people to your home and get to know them. Build relationships, maybe even pray for them. Who knows, you might even be able to share the gospel to them? What if the kids are not accompanied by parents but instead by their yayas? Then learn to adjust and still attempt to build relationship. Speak to them in Filipino and try to get to know them. They’re most likely the ones you will see out and about the neighborhood, either cleaning outside the house or taking kids to and from school. Keep a Tagalog gospel tract handy as you never know if you get the opportunity to share. Costume parties are also becoming a popular way to celebrate halloween especially it’s a no-work holiday the next day. Normal costume parties encourage people to dress up as zombies, ghosts, and other scary monsters. Why not have a costume party where the rule is it should be something fun and exciting, maybe even inspirational. Use it as a way to mingle to get to know people in your neighborhood. Have a program and use it to introduce the kind of generosity Jesus had when He Himself sat down and spent time with sinners and tax collectors. Your office is also a great way to build and connect.  Many companies have encouraged celebrating it and even invite children of employees to come and go “trick-or-treat.” If you have an opportunity, suggest alternative ways to celebrate without going the scary route but instead focus on being fun and generous. Again, use this as an opportunity to build relationships. Give away lots of treats or bags of snacks. Include a card with a short message or verse to inspire or encourage. We suggest John 3:16 or Romans 6:23. You can take the time to get to know your colleagues as well and their children and maybe even offer to pray for them. These are just some suggestions on how you can be intentional in sharing to your friends and neighbors and share Jesus to them this October 31st. The idea is that you want something big and memorable but nothing scary. Go for something that’s fun and full of wonder than something horrific. Truly, you are only bounded by your imagination as there are many ways on how to maximize the holiday for His Kingdom and redeem it for Jesus. You don’t have to do what we suggest, but why not consider how you could reach your neighborhood, your office and even your friends with the good news of Jesus this halloween. We’d love to see more Christians utilizing this holiday to share the good news of Jesus in their communities! If you do, help us spread the word and post about it online with the hashtag #RedeemHalloween2018. Some ideas for decorating: