Rainy season has just begun in Southeast Asia.  For several months hereon, there will be storms with different names and of different strength. Personally, this season reminds me of my friend’s story when a super typhoon hit the Philippines in the latter part of 2013. Super Typhoon Haiyan was known all over the world with the destruction it caused, leaving thousands of casualties.

The morning after that typhoon, my friend saw in the news the extent of the devastation in her home town. There were dead bodies everywhere. The hardest part for her and her siblings was not hearing anything about their parents. For days, they wondered if they were still alive or not. They kept themselves updated by watching the news, hoping to see their parents’ faces or their names flash on screen as survivors. When I visited them, I was amazed to see my friend’s admirable strength. As the eldest, she had to be strong as it could help her two younger siblings. She was calm. I could still see her smile and laugh despite of not knowing where their parents were. When we talked, she was so honest with me to tell everything she was feeling at that time. That was the first time I saw her cry that much. I could see in her eyes the love she had for her parents.  She was not ready to lose them yet. She desired to spend long years with them, and some dreams she had for them. However, she trusted God’s sovereignty.  Although it was painful to think of the possibility of not seeing her parents alive again, she believed God causes all things for good (Romans 8:28).

She told me how God strengthened her. While she was praying with her sister, God calmed her troubled heart by whispering, “be still.”

“Be still.”

When we hear those words, our response depends on who uttered it. With God, it’s a great reminder that He is in control of the situation, and we can trust that He has something greater in store. Being still means being rested and allowing God to act.

During the time of waiting, God had never failed to show His love and care to my friend’s family. God used a lot of people to encourage and help them. They were also showered with prayers by her spiritual family. She was overwhelmed to feel God’s love through other people. Above all, God put so much peace and faith in her heart.

After four days, God finally gave His answer. Her parents were safe. Even their relatives were all unharmed.

Before she heard the good news, God was molding her character. Her faith stepped up. All the more she understood what it meant to live by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). What she saw on TV was helplessness and destruction, but she learned to see God’s faithfulness instead. She credited her faith to God, for not making her respond negatively or emotionally, but in faith through the help of His Holy Spirit.

Even after assuring the safety of their parents, God was also active in providing for all their needs. His provision was overflowing. Financial and material support came flowing in.

“He is a promise-keeper,” her voice cracked when she described God after that experience.

Yes, He is a promise-keeper. His promises were written even before we were born. Those are promises we can hold on to as long as we live because they are true and timeless. He will remain our God even during the storms of our lives.  In times of waiting for the answer, His timing is always perfect.  All we need to do is to draw closer to Him to strengthen our faith. We don’t need to know the answer for every question or situation right away. Sometimes what God requires us to do is to be still and keep the faith.


Writer’s Bio: Yen Tallafer  enjoys her journey with the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. Her heart’s desire is to faithfully follow Him for the rest of her life.  Read more of her stories at http://yensjourneywiththeking.blogspot.com/