Saved, I thought I was.  Back in High School, an old friend invited me to attend a church service. Little did I know then about being a Christian. All I knew was that it was a lot different from the belief system I grew up in.  With hesitations in my head, I declined the offer many times. After a few more invitations, I finally said yes, and attended a Sunday youth service.

That first time I came, I heard the gospel and accepted Jesus as my Savior. The thing is, I misunderstood the gospel. All along, I thought I was already saved and all I had to do was accept Jesus. I, however failed to make Him my Lord, which is the most important aspect of all.

My life continued with minimal parts of it changed. I had been very active in different ministries, but I was still living a double-life.  At home, I was still my old self, being disobedient and disrespectful towards my parents. There were times I questioned my salvation, and then would quickly shrug it off believing in the grace God has given me though His Son. My life was okay, but I was unhappy and I felt something was still missing.

Life went on as I graduated from High School and went into College. I got into dating and struggled in keeping my priorities in order. Slowly, I was being snatched away, and I wasn’t vigilant about it. I moved from my church to another, after a bad dating experience I had with a fellow youth. I sought after getting a fresh start, because I was discouraged in involving myself again in church activities thinking the same thing might happen again. That’s when my life being a Sunday Christian began.

My life became dark, without light and a stable path to follow. I lost my friends and avoided people from my past. My life was on a downward spiral as I got into drinking, partying, and immorality, and no one even knew about it. As the only professing Christian in the family, it became all the more difficult to deal with my personal battles.

Despite all this, God is truly faithful as He keeps His children. He has graciously blessed me with a man after His own heart. He has helped in rekindling the fire I used to have in my relationship with Jesus Christ. We served in the ministry together, and few years after, got married and was blessed with a daughter.

Being a wife and a mother changed me completely. It made me realize what God could have felt like when I was resisting in having a relationship with Him. It also opened my eyes in the area of discipleship. On how important it is to be able to lead your child to Jesus, as well as how to be a good model to them.

Sometimes, we tend to be overwhelmed with the least of things and yet, that one absolute important aspect of our life, which is our faith in Jesus, we disregard. 

It is my learning that as my husband faithfully led me back to Christ, I also have a great responsibility as a mother in leading my own child to Him. This also equates in my role in the body of believers, to be able of help to those who are seeking to deepen their faith in our Lord. And because I couldn’t do this while living a double-life, I recommitted my whole being to Christ and surrendered fully to Him. I made Him the Lord of my life and that’s when my life transformed beyond I can ever imagine.


In Colossians 2:6-7, it says, Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him,  rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.”

Due to this, I now have this peace that surpasses human understanding and an incredible joy that overflows through my actions. Walking with Him in faith helped me get to know who He really is, which resulted to a much deeper relationship with my Lord and Savior.


Writer’s Bio:
Ams Macaraeg is a full-time housewife  who personally takes care of her husband and daughter. She is a committed servant to the Lord, and uses her blog to share the gospel to her extended family, friends, and people all over the world. Find her at