Sometimes, the hardest people to reach are the ones we love the most. Sharing our faith and the message of God’s love can be challenging especially to those who have known us during our darkest days. For Cheryll, bringing Christ’s love into her home wasn’t an easy feat.

Cheryll grew up in a home that wasn’t very religious. As a child, she started listening to relatives who held Bible studies in their home. While she and her mother were receptive God’s Word, her father was suspicious. This prevented them from getting deeper in faith. But even then, she kept the message deep in her heart. Little did she know that the Lord had bigger plans for her life.

Fast-forward to the year 2008. Cheryll, now a mother and a registered nurse, decided to leave her family to find work abroad. After submitting the requirements and passing the exams for nurses, she found herself in California. But despite having everything she needed to start working, opportunities were elusive. This season away from home led her to seek the thing that could change her life. Instead of finding a workplace, she found herself in a church. As she began attending the services, God’s love became very real to her. It was so strong that she prayed that the rest of her family would experience this love. She longed to see her whole family worshipping the Lord with her. She would sow in tears daily, interceding not just for the salvation of her father but also for the rest of her family.

The Lord spoke to her one day. Cheryll heard the message loud and clear in her heart: “Go back to your family.” In obedience, she abandoned the American dream and returned to her country in late 2009. Upon her return, she received the dispiriting news that her cancer-stricken father only had three months to live. This drove her all the more to share the Gospel with her father despite seeing his unyielding opposition in her earlier years.

With the help of a pastor friend, the Lord made a way for her father to be prayed for. This time, instead of rejecting the Good News, Cheryll’s father accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Miraculously, the same father who bashed evangelists and Bible study enthusiasts craved God’s word daily from that day on.  Her mother was especially amazed to see the change in his countenance despite his pain and inability to move around easily. Since then, Cheryll and her mother freely exercised their faith. The Lord’s favor extended her father’s life to fourteen months until the Lord called him home.

During this time, Cheryll also began to share her faith with her husband and children. Despite doubts and protests at first, she continued praying for them daily.  She continued to support and encourage her family with God’s word. She believed Paul’s declaration to the prison-keeper in Acts 16:31 that her whole household will be saved. After the many trials that they have gone through, the Lord honored her prayer. These days, Cheryll and her whole family are growing and serving God in their local church.

It takes one woman’s love and obedience to bring an entire family to Christ. For Cheryll, the words from Psalm 126:5 have been fulfilled:

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!”

Writer’s Bio:
Jev, 26, is currently working for a non-governmental organization in Quezon City. She is passionate about music and literature, believing that God could use these to show His love for us. (