There would always come a time in our lives when we desire to be a better person – a better parent, a better son or daughter, a better spouse… and basically just being a better person.

And often times, we strive to be better because we want to please other people.   And even on our best days, when we feel like we have everything under control, we feel like we’re just one step away in messing it all up. We forget out grace. We forget about mercy.

And in our walk with Jesus, that burden of trying to be good is lifted. We just need to surrender and rest on Him and the work He has already finished on the cross.

Rhett Walker, the band’s lead singer and guitarist recently stated that “I Surrender” was inspired by how lost he felt after his 30th birthday. Even though on the outside his life appeared to have direction, he was experiencing chaos on the inside. The song was then written as a prayer and intention for his life. He shares, “Every avenue of our lives is not our own, and when we realize that and surrender it, we can actually find peace. My prayer changed from fix it, fix it, fix it, to I surrender it – my life, my family, my music.”

Watch and listen as he shares more of the heart behind the song