If You Ain’t In It is a single released by Grammy Award nominee and third place American Idol Finalist Danny Gokey. Released  June 2018, If You Ain’t In It is an upbeat song with a soulful vibe that describes how the pursuit of fame and glory is pointless without Christ. As Danny Gokey says , “We can have it all, but if God isn’t at the center of who we are and what we do, there’s no point in chasing success, fame, or material things.” This is the central theme of the entire song, reminding us of that one truth. Danny goes on to say, “We can follow our own path & selfish desires, but that pursuit is meaningless without Him.”

This isn’t just another danceable Christian song; it’s got a message that is relevant and full of truth. The song starts with a reminder that we often pursue of things that we think would fill us but we eventually find out that these things are not enough.

In the chorus, the lines say “I don’t wanna have it all, write my story any way I want, everything will just fall apart, if You ain’t in it” and is a reflection of what our attitude should be when dealing things that doesn’t have Christ involved. The bridge reinforces the idea of falling into the world’s trap of pursuing different things, not realizing that the one we should pursue is Him alone. “Everything will fall apart if you ain’t in it.”

If you’re looking for something upbeat to jam and even dance to, If You Ain’t in It is a great song to add to your playlist. It has a great message without being preachy as an added bonus – a timely reminder as we go about our daily pursuits.