God is the God of the impossible – an attribute that can only be claimed by the one True God. Creator of all things, Author of our faith, there is nothing in this world that can limit His capabilities.

This is message behind Sidewalk Prophets’ single, “Impossible,” from the album “Something Different.” Lead singer David Frey narrates the story behind this song:

“The song of the underdog” is how we approached this. When Ben and I sat down to write the song, we thought about how there are so many times in our lives where we’ve been told that you’re not worthy, you’re not worth it and you’re not good enough. Most of the times it is us telling ourselves those lies. It’s Satan whispering to us, and us listening to the Enemy’s plans. 

So many times we don’t do what we’ve been called to do. Personally in my life, there are so many days when I don’t feel good and don’t want to go on stage, and I don’t feel like doing something I should be doing. What I’ve found is that when I go and do what I should be doing, whether it is serving someone or just showing up sometimes, God introduces me to someone who I can make an impact in their life, or somebody makes an impact on my life. Our band’s story is that right when you are on edge of quitting because the struggle seems too hard, if you just push a little harder and have that faith, God will do the impossible and work it out for us.

God always does more in my life than I’ve ever dreamed possible for myself. I think a lot of times, people need to hear that they need to show up, to trust and have faith. More than anything, it’s realizing how powerful our God is and that He does care each and every day, and He hasn’t forgotten you. I like 2 Peter 3:9 where it says God isn’t slow as we think of slowness in keeping His promises. He is long suffering and patient with us. We want everything to happen in our time and to happen quickly. The truth is God has a plan for us, and He wants to bless you more than you think or imagine. “

(source: newreleasetoday.com)