Gotee Records shining star Hollyn has just released a new single, “In Awe.”

“I’m living in awe,” is how one simple lyric in a song can captivate you.   It is one of the greatest songs on her new album One-way Conversations. It is pure magic from beginning to end.

The soft music blends perfectly with the lyrics. Unfortunately, you will not hear this song at the Grammy’s because it clearly talking about her love for God. It is a beautiful tribute to Jesus Christ and truly shows her faith as a Christian. I hope that she makes a music video to this one.     (taken from

Hollyn narrates the story behind this song:

“I was in a vocal booth in Portland, Oregon, and my producer told me to just sing. I didn’t have any words at first, so I took my time, closed my eyes, and, for a solid hour, thanked God for what he’d been doing in my life—the opportunities and blessings he’d given me. One especially meaningful line in that song is, ‘You don’t need me at all, but you couldn’t love me more.’ Sometimes, I’ve felt so useless; like, ‘Why in the world would you need me?’ And I’d hear God reply, ‘I don’t need you, but I want you to be a part of what I’m doing.’”

May this song inspire you all to just keep worshipping and be in awe of who Jesus is.